Video Animation

Persuasive. Engaging. Animated

Whether you want to take your audience to the moon, or inside the workings of your product, we help you animate your brand and make the intangible tangible!

Struggling to explain your product in a clear and simple way? Looking to visually represent abstract ideas? Want your target audience to retain information about your brand? Eye-catching animations make your brand more engaging and interactive and help to capture your customers’ attention. Our innovative, ambitious, and hardcore video specialists transform monotonous images into engaging motion graphic videos and purposeful whiteboard animations that deliver your story, create an impact, and are thoroughly enjoyable.

Grab them by the tailcoats, generate sales, boost ROI and raise brand awareness through succinct and engaging video animation.
With a reputation for jaw-dropping ideas and a world of tools powering their creativity, our animators revolutionize the way you communicate.
We make your audience listens! All our videos are designed to ensure your audience follows through, completes the deal – take action!

The LogoExpert Difference!

As a leading animation company based in the UAE, we invest painstaking efforts in understanding your aims and objectives so that your animations are customized to your audience, business needs and marketing goals. Whether you need hand-drawn animated illustrations, 2D animation or 3D rendering to show the more human side of your business, we have got the capacity to deliver. We cover every aspect of production: all the way from conceptualization, scripting, storyboarding and asset design, to animation, music, voice overs, sound production, and technical support

Precisely created perfect animations that enthrall.
Superlative customer satisfaction is our motto
On-time, within budget, with Minimal Turnaround Time
Personalized Animated Characters with extensive choice of voiceovers
Our briefing templates make your life easy and straight forward
On a tight deadline? We can work under pressure.

Take Your Business from Where You Are Now, To Where You Want to Be With…

Motion Graphics

Fluid, eye catching and interesting graphics that evoke all the right feelings! Animated graphic design is great for creating powerful explainer videos that simplify points and support concepts much better than plain text.

Explainer Videos

As expert storytellers, we design captivating explainer videos that quickly and effectively explain information. Make complex topics easily consumable with lively characters, bold typography, and unforgettable narratives.

Product promotions

Simplify your product’s complexities with a product promotion video, so that your potential customers understand how the product can solve their pain points.

Logo Animation

You want your company logo to interact with your audience; well animated logos actually do! Blending kinetic typography, 3D animation styles and sound effects into a dynamic logo helps you promotes brand recall.

Whiteboard Animation

Characters that live, typography that leaves a mark; our whiteboard animations combine the power of hand-drawn illustrations and narration to help you resonate better with your audience. Create visually-appealing how-tos, training videos, educational guides and linear storytelling videos.

Our Video Animation Process

Here’s how our creatively courageous and digitally progressive animators create the magic:

We give your video a voice that is truly you. We’ll hand-pick the best voice-over artists based on your concept and arrange for the chosen performer to record the script.

Story Boarding

This is your video’s skeleton, where we outline different steps, dialogues, images, sound effects, visual cues, sequences and everything in between so that you have a strong sense of the final animated video.


We give your video a voice that is truly you. We’ll hand-pick the best voice-over artists based on your concept and arrange for the chosen performer to record the script.


This step involves animating all characters and illustrations, timing voiceover work, adding sound effects and music, and including any relevant branding features to breathe life into your videos.


Whether you want a snappy brand video or a fully animated explainer video, we can create an eye-catching video for any mission!
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